Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Airplanes & Helicopters

Over the weekend Kyle and Bryan took the girls to the Flight Museum. I was at home with a bad case of food poisoning but from the full report Dallas gave me it was amazing.

This series of pictures cracked me up. Especially the last one where Bliss is in full squirm mode to get out of dads arms and play.
We've been trying to make the most of March and the great weather it has brought with it. Two weeks ago the girls school was closed for a few days for Spring Break. We spent as much time as possible outside and playing.
 Night swinging with dad
 Ice Cream, You Scream!
1. Choosing a flavor
2. Stealing mom & bliss's ice cream
3. Will this entire scoop fit in my mouth?
4. Don't judge me
 1. Stylin'
2. Running from mom
3. Posing
4. Passed out

Why are laundry baskets so fun?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Convos with Dallas

After Dallas walked into the room with two handfuls of vanilla wafers (courtesy of dad) we had this conversation:
Dallas: Momma, I have cookies!
Me: I see that, can I have one?
Dallas: Onlyyyyy oneeee momma, nah two! Only onnneeee
Me: Okay just give me one
Dallas: Ummm, pinky promise just one okayyyy? (holds out pointer finger to pinky promise)
Me: Pinky promise, can I have a cookie please?
Dallas: Ummmm, give me kiss first
Me: (laughter) Of course!
Dallas: Okay, oneeee coookie momma. No more okayy. Momma's full.

Whenever Dallas doesn't want me to eat something of hers she tells me I'm full, ha!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bliss's First Birthday Party

I finally got around to uploading all 400 pictures of Bliss's first birthday party. We went with a balloon theme because what kid (or adult) doesn't love balloons? A big thanks to all the friends and family who came to celebrate our sweet girls 1st Birthday!

Bliss was napping with Granna & Poppa when the balloons started to arrive.
Big sister was in heaven but made sure to keep telling us over and
over that they were for Blissy birdday.
 Birthday girl arrives and immediately gets a hold of the flower balloons 
So many of our wonderful family and friends came out to celebrate our girls special day.
We are blessed.


Bliss did not disappoint when it came time to eat her cake. Sissy loves her some suga!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


1. Played at the park with friends
2. Working on sharing (yay!)
3. Went to see Nicole cheer at NCA Competition
4. Shopped til we dropped
5. "Helped" mom fold laundry
6. Ate dinner on the porch
7. Being silly
8. Just a swangin'
9. Sidewalk chalk time

Monday, March 4, 2013


Bliss loves: Climbing on things she is not supposed to, eating any and all types of paper, being tickled, being chased, her morning bottle while watching Barney, TO DANCE!, pinching people and laughing like it is the funniest thing anyone has ever done (fyi it hurts!), pretending to share something with her sister and then pulling it back giggling, giving high fives, puckering her lips when you put glasses on her, getting kisses on her chubby chin, sleeping on and under daddy, taking baths, drinking water out of the bathtub spout, going under water in the tub, water in general, balls, baby dolls, poking your face, blowing kisses, giving open mouth kisses, holding your face with 2 hands, riding on daddy’s back like he is a horse, being on her momma’s hip.

Our Baby Blissy Boo,
I remember the moment I heard you cry in the delivery room, I cried with you. So happy that you were finally here and what joy that instantly brought. I remember the nurse had to tell your daddy to bring you over to me to take a peek at. He was so in awe of you he had completely forgotten anyone else was in the room. I remember the hours after you were born and how exhausted we were but neither of us could sleep. We just stared at you sleeping. I remember when you met your big sister for the first time. How special it was that our family of 3 was now a family of 4. It’s hard to believe that a year has flown past us. I cherish each and every memory we have made and think with excitement of all the new ones I know lay ahead. You are a gift straight from Heaven and we are grateful just to be able to call you our daughter and sister.
With more love than the world can hold,
Momma, Dada & Dallas