Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bumps & Bruises

With Dallas' new found mobility and speed have come lots of bumps and bruises.  For the last two weeks the poor girl has been sporting a bruise either on her forehead, cheek or eye. Inside I want to scream every time I see her bump her head but I hold the shriek deep inside and manage to act like it’s no big deal and she will be ok. 

Her new favorite thing to do is “scare” us.  She will turn her face the other way and then look at you and scream “RAHR” or she will lie down on your chest, sit up and scream “RAHR”.  It’s pretty hilarious except for when you are in public places and at the top of her mighty lungs she yells “RAHR!”  And trust me those lungs are mighty. It was apparent from the first few days of her life when the nurses would be wheeling her from the nursery and we could hear her before she ever made it onto our hallway.   
Here she is giving us a scare this morning

You can always tell way daddy walks in the room because Dallas immediately laughs and lights up!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Eight Months!

Our energizer bunny keeps growing and growing and going and going.  This little girl is active. When I am around other moms they say things like "wow she is busy" and "your arms haven't stopped moving since you got here"

The other morning I got out Dallas' 8 month sign and was going to snap a few shots of her sitting in the chair with it.  I am not sure what I was thinking. I know better, getting her to sit is not easy these days. She is constantly on the  go doing her one legged crawl or pulling herself up anything she can and walking around.  So I let her stand up (had Kyle standing in the wings in case she tried to dive off the chair which is a likely scenario) and snapped a few shots.

Sitting? Are you kidding me mom?

         This is much better!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Guys Night

Dallas and I got the boot from the house the other night so Kyle could have "guys night out" with his two nephews and little brother. I managed to snap a few pics before we officially got kicked out so guys night could begin! 
  Dallas made the cut for a picture

The boys spent the evening eating pizza, playing laser tag and watching Super 8. 
It's so great seeing them all together and having so much fun. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You're a Grand Old Flag

Fourth of July weekend was a great one!  We spent time out at our friends lakehouse and also at my cousins house hanging in the pool a snacking.  I thought we were going to take Dallas on her first boat ride but when we tried to put the life vest on her it became clear she had NO intention of wearing it.

Here are some highlights from the weekend...

Saturday Splash Time with Daddy

Hanging at the Lake

Why aren't you talking to me?
I looooveeeee you cousin Greyson!!!
 How about a kiss? Only open mouth from me! ;)

Daddy's & Daughter's
Group Shot!