Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Sign Language

The other day in the kitchen Bliss was yanking on my leg. I asked her if she wanted milk to which she started to squeeze her little hand together and then rub her chest. She repeated this at least 3x while I kept repeating "can you say milllkkkkk, millllkkkk". Then it dawned on me, she was using the baby sign language to tell me she wanted milk (hand squeezing) and rubbing her chest for some unknown reason. My first thought was holy cow I have a child prodigy that somehow taught herself sign language without ever seeing it! That thought quickly disappeared and I realized she must have learned sign language at school. So the next morning at drop off I asked if they taught the kids sign language. The teacher looked at me like I was a total idiot and told me to turn around. Right behind me on a huge wall was all of the sign language signs they teach the kids, oops! That night I told Kyle about her skills we didn't even know she had and he came racing in later to tell me "Mom! she just signed to me in the kitchen that she would like more milk please" (chest rubbing apparently means please, this girl says please a lot).
Finally they get it

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Heart Weekends

Waffle House kind of gals 

1. First push-up from 7-Eleven
2. Big sis sharing hers after lil' sissies was all gone


Helping dad in the yard

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy's Takin' Us to the Zoo Tomorrow...

Last weekend we took the girls to the zoo along with Ma-maw, Uncle Ry Ry and Mia. When we told Dallas we were taking her to the zoo to see real animals she shrieked, gasped and then covered her mouth in disbelief. Zoo=Huge Hit. Since then she has asked every night if we can go back to the zoo tomorrow. I can remember as a child going to the zoo with my family. Singing the Raffi zoo song the entire way there and how excited I was when we parked our Oldsmobile in the parking lot.

Blowing kisses to the passerby's 
Checking out the tigers

 The Penguins... biggest hit of the trip

 Train Ride



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter 2013

The bonnet, really?

 Finding something to climb

Easter egg hidden on Uncle Gary
I asked Dallas to get Bliss so we could get a picture of the two of them. Bliss thought Dallas was coming after her egg and bolted. It ended like most attempted getaways do, Bliss in a headlock.
 Seriously, there is something inside the eggs?
Cousin hugs 
Lizard watching
Polar Bear Club (kind of)
Baby laughs

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

13 Months!

Watching Bliss's personality evolve has been extremely entertaining. As a baby she was quiet and calm as a toddler not so much. When she is running away from you at full speed her hands are always straight above her head in the air (much like baby pictures of her daddy). Her scream can be heard for miles. When you turn your back for a second she has climbed on to a table, chair or anything high that she is not supposed to and will laugh so hard when you tell her to sit down or get down. If she is quiet for longer than 5 seconds you know trouble is brewing and when momma yells "busted!" she repeats it back with a smile. She will battle her sister to the bitter end over toys or anything she has in her hands. She loves to blow kisses, give kisses and hugs. She never sits still longer than 5 minutes. She is a deep thinker. She only has two teeth but manages to eat any and everything. She MUST feed herself. She is our Bliss.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blissy, I love you

Dallas to Bliss this morning:  Blissy, I love you. Good morning Blissy, I lovvvveee you.