Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Months!

Our smiley baby had such a big month. She went swimming for the first time, got her first ear infection (poor baby!), became aware that we have dogs and is mesmerized every time they walk by her and sat for a few seconds unassisted. She loves being on her tummy and still always has a hand or foot in her mouth or anything she can grab. She loves to be kissed and to splash herself in the bath tub. Her laugh is infectious and when she pulls your face to her drooly mouth your heart is sure to melt. She is perfection.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 Months!

My little baby is turning into a little lady. Her baby rolls are starting to fade and her increasing ability to be independent is bitter sweet for me. We recently moved her out of the nursery nook attached to our room and into her own room. We bought a new crib and when her daddy was carrying it up the driveway I told her that was her new bed. She grabbed her chest and gasped with the look of "this is for me"! She then repeated "night night momma" for the next hour while it was being put together. Needless to say all of my worrying about transitioning her into a new room was for nothing, she loves it.

She drinks out of big girl cups now instead of sippy cups, has pretend tea parties, loves to dress up, mimics everything we do and say, loves her baby sister so much that she doesn't even get mad when she pulls her hair, still has a shoe obsession, has the meanest doggie paddle I have ever seen, sings songs, loves to dance, gives the longest and best hugs when you least expect it, still kisses with her mouth open, always swings one arm when she runs, loves jumping off high objects, loves eating tomatoes at poppy & granna's house, is starting to share, held her daddy's face the other day and whispered "I wove you"

Simply put the room (and our hearts) lights up when Dallas walks in.

4th of July Fun