Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was our first full weekend in the new house with nothing big to do. We made the most of it and started off Friday with a little banana puddin' making, Saturday some lawn work and then a Sunday Funday with granna and watching the boys work in the yard.
Say Cheeseeee
 I just have to sit here while big sis makes the puddin? Boring...
 Cutting the bananas
 Eating the bananas
 Stirring the pudding
 Licking the spoon

 Hey! Where's mine?
 Can I fit this entire apple in my mouth?
 Hair pulling
 I'm just playing with you. Get over here and lets hug it out.
 No really! Don't go!
 I'm a standing fool
 Sidewalk chalk
Tea Party Time
 Can I join you?
 Ready, set...
 All you see is a pony tail
 Here comes her head
 That was not as fun as I thought it would be
 Not happy with dad
 Bliss liked it 
 First neighborhood golf cart ride
 Blissy played with mom
 Hey mom! I see them!

 In Heaven playing with the big girls
 Watching the boys work

Monday, December 10, 2012


My hold it, me hold you (when she wants you to hold her), issss mine, my do it, momma did it, daddy did it, no momma!, no momma cupcakes? YES momma cupcakes!, where daddy truck? isss granna car, where poppy?, Ryan boo boo hurtsss, no Ryan boo boo better, no Bliss cannn have it, where ishian?, No maa'aaam Blissy!, Momma, poppy woves you (this means he loves her and she will list every persons name she knows once she gets started), TYLE!!!! (screaming dads name if he isn't listening to her, not sure where she got that from). She is talking so much and putting complete sentences together.  She loves to give and get hugs and kisses. She folds her hands at night when we say our prayers. She sings her night time songs with us. She runs, jumps, falls and laughs. She is extremely independent wanting to put on her own shoes and socks, shirts and pants, put up the milk... you get the point. Whatever task it is "my do it". The absolute joy she brings into our lives is indescribable. It's hard to believe this girl of mine is already so grown up. The other day at the store a mother with a teenage daughter looked at me with longing eyes and said "enjoy it, it goes by so fast". My response was that it already felt that way.

This past weekend we celebrated Dallas's 2nd birthday (a little late) with friends and family. What a wonderful time it was. Dallas is in love with fire trucks, 18 wheelers and school buses so we decided to go with a Fire Truck themed party and had an actual fire truck with a fireman come out! What fun all of the kids had and seeing the look on her face when it pulled up was priceless. Warning: Picture heavy post.
Um is this truck for me?
Neighborhood kids enjoying the fire truck

 About to go on our ride through the neighborhood. Bliss might have been more excited than Dallas
 Fire women

 Charlie, our neighbor, checking to make sure all was ok :)
 Sweet and beautiful niece

 Never too early to start pull ups

 Spraying the hose
 Blistex being funny
 All the girls spraying water
 Uncle Ry