Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Babies and Beaches

This past weekend we made a last minute trip to Galveston to meet our friends little boy, take the girls on their first plane ride and their first beach trip. We have been avoiding taking a vacation but knew we had to before the latest Duke arrives at the end of summer. So we put on our big girl panties, stocked our carry ons with candy and games, and held our breath everything would be ok.

Our day started at 5:15am on Friday morning. We aren't morning people.
They were huge fans of the airport and kept themselves entertained looking at all of the planes.
The flight there was best case scenario and still exhausting. Flying with two toddlers is no joke.
Our friends were unbelievable and dropped off one of their cars at the airport with car seats installed for us to drive. The drive their was great. Sleeping babies and adult conversation.
Once we arrived we finally got to get our hands on sweet baby Ellis, just two weeks old! Dallas was in love and kept saying "momma, I hold the baby"
After getting settled we made our first trip over to the beach. Bliss was instantly in love with the water and the sand. Dallas took a little getting used to the salt water splashing her in the face but came around very soon.
Bliss kept herself busy
Dallas, the ultimate helper, carried stuff to the car
Bliss needed a quick rinse off and toss in the air before she was ready to leave 
Soon after getting back to the house my wild women both ended up with head injuries. First Bliss fell into a wooden post and got a huge goose egg on her head, then Dallas ran into the side of the coffee table cutting her eyelid. The Duke girls don't mess around.
The girls were very excited about their closet bedroom and bedding even though both chose not to sleep much on this trip :)
New friends arrived and the girls were pumped
Day 2 at the beach
Picture perfect naps on the hammock...
Not really, the above lasted about 10 minutes. Once we realized the girls weren't going to sleep at the house we loaded them in the car.  
A walk on the deck before heading out to the beach to see the super moon
Super Moon time!
Day 3, the girls woke up ready to play
 Me & my girls
 Not happy that mom made her move
 How Bliss plays corn hole
 Saying our goodbyes before hitting the road
 So long Galveston, we had a great time!