Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Back in November the girls and I went over to Nenu's house to play with the cousins. We were getting cabin fever at the condo and dad was off in the middle of the renovation. I just found these pictures on my camera and as you can tell the warm weather and outdoor playtime was a welcome relief to sitting inside.

 Leaf war!

 Sweet hugs

Em teaching the kids how to make chalk handprints

 The scooter Greyson is on used to be at my Pawpaw's house in Jasper. We used to go to the top of his very steep driveway while someone was on lookout at the street, lift up our feet and fly down. It's good to see that it's still getting good use. Now we need to find a hill and teach the kids how its done. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

11 Months!

Another big month for our Blissy boo. She officially has enough hair for me to use a comb, is a full blown walker and got her first tooth last week! Bliss loves: to climb, to cuddle and wrestle, her momma, being held upside down (after much work on her daddy's part), to steal things out of her sisters hands, eating paper... she's our little goat, music and if she hears it she immediately stops what she is doing and drops it like it's hot, to be mischievous and if she sees something she isn't supposed to get in or touch she gives a quick glance to see if anyone is looking and then makes a speed walk (with both hands in the air) beeline to whatever it is. Bliss is spunky and full of life and personality. There is never a dull moment when this girl is around.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas 2012

So it's almost February and I am just now getting to our Christmas post. Things have been busy busy at our house so actually getting pictures from a camera onto a computer have been a bit challenging. But finally I got it done! The girls were out of school for two weeks. Kyle and I stayed home and we had a wonderful break just being together.
 Wagon Ride to look at Christmas lights (Thanks Uncle Bud and Jeannie!)

 Late night game of dominoes at Granna & Poppy's
Wearing our festive outfits for the Christmas School Party
Dallas participates in her 1st Christmas Program. We were worried she would get scared on stage but as you can see she had no problem with that. She is the second from the right in the red dress. Sister broke it down!
Christmas Eve at my parents house. I believe I have only missed two Christmas Eve's in my entire life with my parents. Once we stayed in New York and once we were just getting out of the hospital with Dallas when she was just a little baby. Christmas just isn't the same when we miss this special family tradition of gumbo and Greenburg turkey with The Gibbs clan.

 The Cousins 

 The Gibbs Twins aka Mommy & Nonnie
 All the Gibbs
Gathered around singing songs

 Dallas still going strong at 11pm!
Santa brought a kitchen for the girls!
And table & chairs to match!
 Bliss and Coot partied Christmas morning while we were waiting on sleepy head sister to get up
We finally woke her about 9:15

This is for me?!?
Pizza for breakfast?
Santa brought more upstairs?!?
Dress up clothes!
But I wanted to wear the heels!

Hosting our first Christmas Day lunch

 Uncle Ry
Lunch time!
 Nap time
 Getting ready to play in the snow
 Cruising on the new scooter
Heading to play basketball (they were back 5 minutes later)
 White Christmas! First time in 50 years
 Very important phone call