Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine's 2013

Valentine's Day Started out like most mornings in our house. Both girls snugged in momma & daddy's bed watching Tangled.
 The girls got dressed in their festive attire...
Dallas holding her gift to her teachers...
Each teacher got a Bundt cake with the message "I've got nothing bundt love for you".
I forgot to get a picture of the ones for Bliss's teachers, oops.
Dallas's class Valentine's (bad picture, I was running late)
 Valentine's school party with dad & mom
 Then we went out for a fancy dinner at Wooby's (Luby's). Dad was late getting there. Very late. Annoyance was starting to set in until he walked through the door
carrying balloons, roses, teddy bears & cards for his little ladies. Nice work daddy!
 Loving her new sunglasses
 Inspecting her teddy bear
 One hand eating while holding her balloon
Dallas helping dad get his food

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Target Shopper

Very, very rarely do I take anyone with my on my trips to Target. It is usually my special quiet time where I peacefully shop for diapers, wipes, and $100 worth of random items I didn't go there for. On this Saturday morning though I decided to let the group in on how fun shopping at Target can be. I might let them join me more often after this trip...

Dallas taking over shopping cart duty
Mom check this toy out!
Dad you're slowing us down

Holding hands while shopping 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Giddy Up Cowgirl!

A few weekends ago we went out to the Fort Worth Stockyards with our friends. It was 65 and sunny in February setting the tone for what would be a great outing. I can see this becoming an annual tradition after all of the fun the kids had.  Bliss & Colin both rode rides for the first time and both LOVED it. Somethine tells me there will be many a trips with these kiddos to Six Flags riding roller coasters together (Kyle included in the kiddos).
 Big Slide (or so we thought)

 Biker Chick
Colin going on his first ride ever!
Hold on tight ladies. I drive fast.
Bliss realizing this thing actually moves
Bliss is thinking "Man, I look good in a convertible"
Kyle & Dallas riding the biggest slide I have ever seen!
 I can't tell who is having more fun?

Carousal Ride
 Best Friends Forever
 Ok, this is seriously fun
 Waving & Blowing kissing to her adoring fans (or complete strangers)

Holding Hands on Train Ride
I wanna rideeeeee!!!!
One more car ride
Corny dog before we hit the road!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Forgotten Santa

I'm not sure how I forgot to post about our 2012 visit to see Santa. Probably because the mention of his name has Dallas repeating for days "me no like Santa, Santa go home, momma I no likey Santa". Bliss on the other hand couldn't be more of a fan! This year we made 3 attempts to see him. Finally the Saturday before Christmas we decided to take an entire crew and just get it done. Uncle Christian, Nenu, Granna and I swapped turns standing in line and playing with all of the kids (the girls and cousins Emerson & Grayson). Luckily we managed to keep Dallas completely oblivious of who she was about to see again. The time came and it was finally our turn. While Granna plopped Bliss on his lap Uncle Christian (or Ishan as Dallas likes to call him) helped me distract Big D as I walked backwards and tossed her on his leg and ran. As you can see her love for him hasn't changed since their first meeting.