Monday, August 26, 2013

18 Months!

My wild girl loves: to hide behind curtains and scare you, to be chased and hide with her sister, bananas, raisin bread, to climb on everything... still, to wrap her tiny arms tight around your neck, Peppa Pig, to say "no!" in a really high pitched voice, to dance, to jump off things as long as dada is there to catch her.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sister is our First Friend and Second Mother

This quote could not be more true in our house. Dallas is constantly "mothering" Bliss. Sometimes much to Bliss's enjoyment, sometimes much to her chagrin. If Bliss is crying, Dallas will run over to her and squeeze her head tight while patting it and saying "oh its ok bliss, I so sorry, its goin' to be ok, I make it better, I take care of you". If Bliss is minding her own business walking around Dallas will run up to her and say "oh, I carry you Blisssss" and attempts to pick her up. If Bliss is doing something she is not supposed to, Dallas will run over and scold her saying "no ma'am bliss, that's no ma'am!". At bedtime now, Dallas must climb into the crib with Bliss, tuck her in, lay beside her and sing her our nighttime songs. There are, of course, tug 'o wars over toys and tears from pinching and hitting but these girls love each other something fierce.