Monday, April 16, 2012

Bliss 2 Months!

Bliss is an absolute doll. She has such a sweet temperament and is constantly "talking" and smiling. We could not be more in love! Bliss loves being held, she loves taking baths and having a warm blanket waiting for her once she is dried, she loves her big sister and smiles the biggest when she hugs and kisses her.

Thanks Precious for my adorable bloomers!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dallas 17 Months!

Dallas is very independent these days. Taking our monthly shots was tougher than usual at 17.  After multiple tries we were able to get a few...

Mom, I don't wanna take a picture!

Just kidding!  Let's play chase!


Sweet girl

Dallas loves to take her right shoe (and sock) off-and-on, she loves carrying around her baby dolls and trying to pick up her baby sister, she loves watering the yard and picking weeds with dad, she loves throwing away everything she can find, she loves telling us when she has a "doo-doo" (haha), she loves feeding the dogs all on her own and playing with moms makeup.