Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Graduate

It's hard to believe that Ryan is graduating from high school. In my mind he is still the little boy, on stage at his pre-school Thanksgiving program, singing his heart out. Words cannot express how proud we are of Ryan and all that he has accomplished. Marrying my high school sweetheart has had many benefits for me, but one of the absolute biggest and one that I hold most dear is gaining Ryan as a little brother. I met Ryan when he was just 3 years old, so I have had the privilege of watching him grow into a young man.
From a very early age it was clear that Ryan was a special person. One nickname his mom gave him was "The Senator" because Ryan would go up to anyone and strike up a conversation. To this day, Ryan has never met a stranger. He is truly one of the most caring, thoughtful and genuine people I have ever met in my life.
To know Ryan is to love Ryan. He is the little boy, who walks through the stands at the high school football game, shaking hands and showing everyone how fast he can run and how many push ups he can do. He is the little boy, that at just 4 years old, jumped into the middle of the pep rally and started break dancing while the crowd went wild. He is the little boy, who in little league was the hardest hitter on his team. He is the little boy that after every tackle, he always went over to his opponent, helped him up, patted him on the back and said "you did a great job". He is the little boy, who stood up at our rehearsal dinner and with tears in his eyes said "I have been waiting for this moment my entire life". He is the young man, that has a great sense of humor... when Ryan is around you find yourself smiling more, laughing more. He is the young man that you never have to ask to help, because he already is. He is the young man, that his nieces adore. He is the young man, that his brother adores. He is the young man, that you sit back and watch, knowing he is going to do great things in his life. He is the young man, you thank God for simply allowing you to be a apart of his life.

Ryan has always been such a big part of our lives. In fact, he was a major determining factor in moving back to Dallas from New York. We didn't want to miss out on him growing up and being able to take part in that. Ryan was there, in the waiting room when Dallas was born, and drove after school to see Bliss as soon as he could, telling me when he arrived that nothing was stopping him from meeting his niece. It meant the world to me. During the remodel of our first home, Ryan spent almost the entire summer at our house. Working tirelessly, all day and night alongside his brother who enjoyed every second being around him. Kyle would come up with projects just so he could see more of Ryan. After school started back up Ryan was at our house every weekend helping out. Dallas would look out the window for him on Saturday mornings, so excited that her Uncle Ry Ry was coming. The extra time we were able to spend with Ryan, we will always cherish.
Now he is off on his next adventure, college. I have no doubt that he will continue on to great things.

So to Ryan we want to say, we are so proud of you, we love you so very much and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. The sky's is the limit!

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:11-13

Monday, May 27, 2013


Two and a half years old. What an AWESOME age. Everyone warns you about the terrible two's and while yes, there are a few tantrums, two has been SO much fun in this house. This girl is funny. This girl is wild. This girl is free. This girl loves so hard. This girl plays so hard. This girl is the boss. This girl is tender at heart.
Last week, out of nowhere she realized that she could pick out her own clothes. And so far the outfits have been nothing short of amazing. She always has an accessory on now. From wristbands, to hats, to lace leggings. You can often hear her now clanking down the hallway in a pair of mommies high heels. You can often see her putting on her rain boots no matter what the outfit is.
She talks all of the time. She constantly tells everyone in the family she loves them. She constantly puts mom in time out because "you not listening". She constantly has at least one baby in her arms and calls them "brothersister". She constantly says "just two more seconds" when its time to stop whatever activity she is doing. She says things that her momma and daddy say all of the time like "trust me, truuussstt me" or "oh (long pause), my (long pause), goodness". When you ask her to do something and she doesn't want "um, no... cause my busy" or if she wants to "yes, of course... course"

 This girl is filled with joy and fills all around her with joy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Texas State!

Ryan, my little brother (from another mother), will soon be graduating from high school and has decided to go to Texas State. We could not be more excited for him! Kyle took Ryan down to San Marcos to do a campus tour a few weeks ago where he officially accepted...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

14 Months!

This girl loves: Nutri-Grain Bars, her sister, wagon rides, playing with bubbles, saying "hot" and then blowing, making funny faces, making people laugh, to be tickled, to be cuddled, blowing kisses, Barney, DANCING, climbing, lemonade, bath time, playing peek-a-boo, being dramatic. She is sweet, loving and feisty!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Moms

As a child you walked before me, To lead by example.
As a teenager you walked behind me. Looking out for my back
and being there when I needed you.
As an adult you walk beside me. So that, as two friends, we can enjoy life together...
In my life I have been fortunate to not only have the most amazing mom in the entire world, but also got a two for one package with my aunt (her identical twin sister). My mommy and my Nonnie. I love them both so dearly. They make life fun and exciting and they love my girls oh so good. Tea parties in the park, Saturday lunch dates, wagon rides around the neighborhood, songs they sing from when they were growing up to put the girls to sleep.
To know them is to love them.
I have countless stories I could tell you about how wonderful the two of them are. Like the time my mom was driving me and a few friends to the movies in middle school and her favorite oldies song came on the radio. She jumped out of the car at the red light and started dancing in the street. In that moment I was so proud. That's my mom I thought to myself. To this day it is one of my favorite memories and something that I try to remember in raising my girls... sometimes you gotta dance! Or like the time my mom was going to be out of town for freshman cheerleader tryouts and without a second thought Nonnie was there in her place. Cheering loud and proud and taking me for ice cream afterwards. So thank you ladies, for teaching me how to live life by example and always keeping it exciting!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Heart Weekends

Kyle packed and ready to go on a college visit with Ryan
Skinned knees with ice packs
First painted piggies courtesy of mom
Sugar highs at cousins birthday parties
Sugar crash with daddies hand to keep her safe

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel a lot Like Summer!

I know summer doesn't technically begin until June but in Texas it starts early. The warm weather has me getting a glimpse of what the next few months will bring and besides the mosquitos I am loving it!
Rooster Ridin'
 Rainboots & Swimsuits
 Waving at neighbors passing by while eating afternoon ice pops
Chalk knees & skinned knees
 Daddy shoulder rides
Barefoot walks in the sun