Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Months!

Our Blissy Boo is 3 months old! She continues to bring so much happiness to our family. Bliss has found her feet and loves sucking on her hand (I'm thinking we have a thumbsucker). She loves to smile and laugh. She is constantly trying to crunch herself up from laying down into the sitting position and gets bright eyed if anything excites her or scares her. She loves kisses and to be held. Her little belly is starting to fill out along with her cheeks. She is so sweet and wonderful.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

18 Months!

It's hard to believe my girl is already 18 months old. What an incredibly fun age it is (as long as you have the patience :)).

This past month was a big one for her. She had ear tube surgery and can finally hear which lead to her vocabulary increasing quite a bit. Her current favorite words and sayings are no mama, mine, stop daddy, minneee, me, soap, whoa!, wow and boobieeesss. She recently decided that she was over the whole diaper thing and has been trying to potty train herself. We are following her lead as usual because once this girl makes up her mind there is no going back. She is the ultimate helper. If there is yard work to be done Dallas is there. If there is house cleaning to be done Dallas is there. If there is a baby sisters diaper that needs changing Dallas is there... saying ewwww stinky. We are loving this age and all everything it brings with it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Name Game

The Baby Name Game...with both of our girls we had entirely different names picked out for them throughout the majority of my pregnancies and with both Kyle decided the week of that new names were needed and with both I agreed. Dallas was renamed four days before I was due over lunch with Kyle at Bandito's. Bliss was renamed two nights before while Kyle and I were sitting in our living room.

After the chips and salsa were on the table and Kyle's fajitas ordered he looked at me and said I really want to change the name. I would love to name her Dallas. At first I looked at him like you are crazy! Dallas? No, I am not naming my baby girl Dallas. He looked at me again and said no really I think this should be her name. You see Dallas has a lot of meaning to us. It's where we first met, first fell in love and where we were married. It's where we came back to make and raise a family. As I sat there and thought about it I realized Dallas would be the perfect name for her. I knew this little girl was going to need a strong name to match the strong personality I felt she had. And once I laid eyes on her I knew Dallas was a perfect fit for her.

Sitting on our computers discussing how little I had prepared for our newest bundle of joy Kyle looks up and says, I think we should change her name. Really? Again? But secretly I wasn't sold on her original name either and felt that she needed something different. She needed something feminine and sweet. So we were back at square one. Months before we had considered Bailey but couldn't find a name that we thought went well with it. Our friends Betsy & George had a little girl in November (we are actually birthday buddies!) and they originally named her Bliss but decided it didn't fit her and changed it to Walker Rose (so adorable!). Kyle looked at me with less than 48 hours until our little girl was going to be here and said what about Bailey Bliss.  I instantly loved it.  So immediately I texted Betsy to get their blessing (we didn't want to baby name steal in case they were planning on using it for another child). And with their stamp of approval we had a new name... Bailey Bliss Duke.