Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunday Brunch and Photo Op

Last Sunday we celebrated (very late) my momma's birthday. It was a great brunch followed by a surprise photo shoot of the girls!

Next to La Duni at Northpark there is a photographer every Sunday who will take as many pictures as you like and then you get to go through and pick out your favorites. He charges $10 a photo and said he will be running an all you can buy buffet special this month.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

22 Months!

She loves... asking whasss thees?, reading books, naming animals, making the animal noises, pouring her own water, her binkies, cheering for you when you go to the potty, cheering for herself when she goes to the potty, laughing when she toots, pulling pranks, imitating Bliss when she cries and then cracking up, trucks, school buses, saying ewwww, covering herself in handsoap, coloring on anything and everything including herself and walls, putting makeup on her sister when mom isn't looking, putting makeup on herself when mom isn't looking, telling the floor or wall or whatever she fell on or bumped into "isssss baadddd", giving you tons of kisses when she wakes up, bubble gum bubbles, anything that is alive and moves, playing at the park, trying to carry her sister, climbing, putting on costumes (shocker).
 She finally learned how to kiss with her mouth closed!