Thursday, October 20, 2011

11 Months

Dallas turned 11 months 2 weeks ago (almost). Time really is flying by and this girl is growing up way too fast for mom and dad. 

Dallas walks and runs with ease now. Her favorite game is still chase and she loves a good opportunity to jump out behind something and "scare" you.  She loves to give kisses (still open mouth only) and thinks that big kids are the most amazing things she has ever seen. The other day when I turned the bath water on she walked over grabbed her chair she sits in and put it in the bath for me. Moms jaw dropped.  When I asked her where Dallas was she patted her chest. Moms jaw dropped. When we went to the park she climbed up the stairs and down the stairs all by herself. Moms jaw dropped.  Moms jaw is dropping a lot these days. She continues to amaze us and bring such joy to our lives.

Monday, October 17, 2011


A few weeks ago I took the week of to hang out with Dallas while my mom was off on her Sisters on the Fly Roadtrip.  Our week was filled with playdates, parks, pumpkins and a few projects I have been putting of FOREVER!

Dallas & Eloise LOVED the arboretum & pumpkins
How sweet is Eloise?  She looks like a doll in person and in pictures!
Dallas tried to go home with another family...

Dallas mastered the art of climbing while helping mom organize her new closet (and she still loves to play with toilet paper as you can see from the pictures)

We played with our friends River & Flora and had a BLAST!

Mom reupholstered chairs (after is on the left side)

And we ended the week with a good old fashion day at the park with Dad

 She didn't want to leave the park...
And later she let me know she was still upset about it :)